Marshall Breakstone


marshall breakstone

As the newest member of the Shellhouse family,  Marshall Breakstone  rocks the house with bass lines that are as original and exciting as you can get. 

His soothing, warm voice adds a distinctive third harmony to many Shellhouse songs and he completes the sound for which the band has become famous . 

Marshall started playing guitar and bass at age 14 in NYC. He played in several bands in his teenage years before moving to Vermont in 1969. From 1970 on he played in many popular Vermont bands including Nightingale, The Bar-B-Q Desotos, Quick Fifth, The Toasters, Castle, The Surface Dwellers, and Lightning Ridge.

More recently he has been gigging with The Melonheads, Blue Fox and the Rockin Daddies, and, of course, Shellhouse.

Marshall is also a singer-songwriter who has released 3 CD's of original tunes, on which he usually plays all the parts.Besides guitar and bass, he plays percussion, Native American Flute, and keyboards.

His musical influences include The Beatles (of course), Stones, Grateful Dead,Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, as well as many Motown artists.